Dulux Paint Mixing

We stock a wide range of Dulux ready mixed paints (and like most things we're usually cheaper than the sheds!)

However, if your colour is not available any longer or you would like a different size than is available ready mixed then we can Mix Dulux Paint  for you while you wait. It's very much a "any colour in any finish".

Our colours database does any Dulux name or number. We can also mix British Standard Trade and RAL colours.

dulux paint mixing


Our Cutting Service ( second to none !)

We sell MDF, Hardboard, Plywood, Acrylic sheets, Pine boards and many, many different sizes of timber, all of which we can cut to your specific requirements.  We can even cut your own materials  for you.

We mostly offer this service instantly depending on the size of your order and the time of the day.

Key cutting machines Key cutting machines Key cutting machines Key cutting machines


Key Cutting and Lock matching

We have an instant and very economic key copying service and we stock many different brands and types of lock  to enable easy replacement.

Key cutting machines


General cutting to size service

In general terms, we don't make you buy the whole piece of anything as long as the offcut is saleable.

We can cut to size Wardrobe Tube, Polythene, Coir Matting, Curtain Wire, Beading, Aluminium Angle, Plastic Angle, Copper Tube and Cable.